About the “Journey to Neverland” and me

This is not a Blog to explain how you can change your life or what you should do to become happy. This is my journey and I want to share it, if you can take some inspiration from it – I am glad, if not I hope you find it a bit entertaining. As this is about my personal development, I may ask you to be gentle when you read it.

I am 33 years old and I am on my journey to find my “Neverland” in live, I struggled a lot in the last few years, with my job, my career, my relationships, even my place to live. I changed many things in my life without thinking about why and what should be the outcome, just for the sake of change. I try to plan this trip now a bit better 🙂 I want change! But with purpose and with a target/destination to go to. As this won’t be a quick travel, so no short flight I thought it might be worth to keep track of it.

Hope you enjoy

“Think a happy thought”


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