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When it’s getting scary 

Hello dear reader,

First I hope you’ll have an amazing holiday season!

I am at the airport and will be soon on my way home. Which is nice but as I am approaching another family celebration as single it makes me a bit anxious too. I am actually very happy right now but the disappointed faces still bother me.

But to more important things that lie ahead, directly after Christmas I will continue to travel. It will be my first journey outside of Europe. I will travel 4 weeks alone including a silent meditation retreat. Useless to say that this will be challenging. And the closer it comes the bigger gets the fear. You might ask why do you do it then?

Valid point.

I thought about that too.

I think it will help me grow and learn new things about myself. Is that scary, fuck yes. But I reached that point where I accept being not comfortable all the time if the outcome will be a better understanding of myself.

A comfort zone is a nice place but nothing ever grows there, right?

So I decided to leave the comfort zone and see how it will go out there.

As every adventure includes some fear and uncertainty I decided to settle with the uncomfortable feeling and still go with it.

I will spend therefore new years eve in a Buddhist monastery, well let’s say it will be interesting 🙂

For someone so chatty as me silence sounds awkward but when I booked this trip I had a deep longing to take a break of the world. So I respect what I somehow long for even if my rational part is a little freaking out about it. I am still on a beginner level when it comes to listening to your soul. I think this ‘silly’ little ideas we have from time to time are the way our true self is challenging our rational part.

I will let you know if it was worth it 🙂

“think a happy thought”

I will be back with the travel report in January


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